E-Commerce Services

Many people misunderstand the true purpose of search engines.

A search engine serves the surfer on the Internet and does not care anything about the web sites it finds or the people who own them. Search engines create their listings automatically by crawlingMake your Web Site Stand Out From The Crowdthe web and then people search the findings. Directories use humans to create web site listings, some through review of submissions and others by directly submitting your site to an appropriate category. Improving a listing in a search engine has nothing to do with improving a listing in a directory, except that both require quality. Hybrid search engines are search engines that maintain an associated directory where inclusion is generally by luck and quality.

Owning a Web Site
The cost to develop a web site would of course depend on the size and complexity involved, as well as how much content the client provides. The layout and design of a site, particularly the homepage, deserve special attention to create the look and feel, and unique personality that works best for your Company Site.

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Would you like to sell your items and services with your very own Web site? Our e-commerce plans run from the simple to implement to robust multi-product applications. Quickly secure your Domain Name. Get easy, inexpensive Web Mail. We offer the best variety of hosting plans with the highest reliability and performance with our stable Virtual Private Server (VPS) and state of the art Verio servers.

Search Engine Optimization - SEO

Web Site Promotion You will want to submit your web site to various search engines so prospects and customers can find you. To rank well in the search listing results, a web site must provide what search engines are looking for: perfection and popularity. Since over 95% of all people on the web use only the major search engines and directories, understanding the rules makes it possible to confront the requirements, hurdles, costs, opportunities, and potential benefits to be realized from this vast resource.

Search Engines index and rank a site on Perfection as well as Popularity, indicated by inbound links, so standards compliance, clean concise code, archetecture such as Cascading Style Sheets and content are all important. Multimedia and Flash productions can be added to your site or produced for stand-alone distribution.

A Web Site Must Be Properly Developed To Fully Realize The Enormous Potential Of The Internet

A successful web site finds harmony between form and function and we develop custom designed web sites and graphics individually crafted to meet the Client's objectives. RMT Webs offers a comprehensive suite of products and services for graphic design, web site development, promotion, and advertising, photography, and imaging for today's digital world. And the needs for technical writing are also met with thirty years experience ranging from production shop to service manager and CEO in mechanical equipment industries. We are pleased to provide consultation and eager to discuss production of layout and design features to create or upgrade your current Internet presence.

RMT Webs offers a variety of services from renovation and maintenance of an existing site to optimization and submission to search engines. Of course we also offer total site development, including domain name registration (DNR), Domain Name Server (DNS) setup, web site hosting and e-commerce solutions.


Web Site Hosting

RMT Webs is proud to offer access to WebHosting Plans through VPS on Verio state of the art servers. Select from a variety of plans to fit every need. State-of-the-art network systems utilizing multiple T3 connections, high performance SGI servers, uninterruptible power, and daily tape backups guarantees your Web site will be served up quickly and reliably. - Customized Control Panel - 24/7 Technical Support - Microsoft? Front Page? Extensions - SSL Secure Server - MySQL and mSQL databases - RealAudio? and RealVideo? - Free Scripts Web site submission to search engines, promotion and advertising is available to enhance your site's ranking. RMT Webs uses 128 bit encrypted MYSQL database and secure server certificate residing on our Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosted by Verio E-Commerce solutions to ensure secure transactions.


We provide local photo coverage of various on location activities and events. Local Portfolio Services include Modeling, Insurance, and Reference, Group and Individual Portraits for local schools, clubs and organizations. Family, Individual and Pet Portraits available by appointment only.

In addition to providing videology and digital imaging for use of web-site visualization, we have a complete photo gallery of various stock and travel categories with reproduction prints available for purchase: Flora, Water Falls, Scenic, Wildlife, Nature, Abstract, etc.

Ranking on the Internet is determined by what are called robots or spiders. At RMT Webs we follow two simple rules:

Rule No. 1 - They are computers.
Rule No. 2 - They are very smart computers.

A lot is written about search engine ranking, and it is generally agreed that it is determined by two things: popularity and perfection. Popularity is defined by the search engines as other sites pointing or linking to you, and perfection is of course the quality of your site.

You do have an advantage, if you just do it right!