Sample Websites

RMT Webs offers a variety of web site design, development and graphic solutions.

Macnaught USA

Macnaught USA is a greasing and lubrication equipment distributor. Multi-level discounting, distributor pricing, and inventory levels were full y integrated on this e-commerce site. Macnaught USA ranked very well on the search engines and, within months, picked up so many niche industry distributors, that they were competing with their own best customers, and shut the site down.


Macnaught supports resale customers through Jobber Direct, providing industry information, new product information, announcements and specials. Access is restricted via secure login, ensuring customer support and protection. Hosting, including mysql database and secure server, was on RMT Webs' VPS (Virtual Private Server).

Autohaus, Inc

Autohaus, Inc is an excellent automotive repair and maintenance center featuring Custom Auto Air services. They wanted a professional web presence to promote their repair and installation services. Visit

Autohaus also installs and services APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) systems in Jacksonville Florida. They provide sales, service and installation of "engine-off" big rig truck climate control systems. Visit

Gulf Atlantic Equipment

Gulf Atlantic Equipment offered a full line of compressed air equipment, reciprocating air compressors, rotary screw air compressors, positive displacement blowers, vacuum pumps, dryers, synthetic lubricants, desiccants, parts and related air treatment products. They were purchased by Atlas Copco Compressors.

To promote the incredible power cost reductions available from Atlas Copco VSD (Variable Speed Drive) air compressors, GAE needed to demonstrate the savings. The Power Pay Calculator uses Flash to estimate the user's annual compressed air energy cost and potential savings.

ACM Surveying

ACM Surveying was ranked #2 on Google and Yahoo for "Surveyors Mappers", followed by a variety of State and professional societies. They recently closed the doors after many successful years in business.

Sun Coast Hydraulic Electric

Sun Coast Hydraulic Electric is a premier supplier and manufacturer of electrical panels and hydraulic control systems that needed a Corporate Web presence.

Love The River

At RMT Webs we love the outdoors and, when a friend decided to offer paddling trips, Love The River was born.

My Cocco

My second grade daughter wanted her very own website. Sorry, access is by invitation only.

Separation Equipment Sales

Save Jax

Political site.